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21 Jul 2013

Fix .EXE file open with other program

Now a days the computer user increasing in a high rate around the world. Everyday people who are using computer are facing different problem which may be very simple in nature. But if you don't know the solution or how to fix the problem then it might be a big problem for you. 

Technology geeks can invariably have issues on their computers as they are the important users of the system. They will play with advanced settings and panel rather than simply messing with the music or movies and web. One in every of the foremost common however annoying problem in such a form is that the .exe files in our system doesn't open in normal way. Once you double click on .exe file to open it, it's going to cause opening other programs like winrar, notepad or it could be any program. However the particular program won't run. This could ensue to virus attacks or by accidentally re-assigning the program using "Open With" feature. 

Unfortunately, system restore feature doesn't solve this Problem. Here is a simple and quick way to fix the problem

Follow the steps Below.

1. First Download the reg file from Below

2. After you finish Download right click on it and select merge The system may ask for your permission to run the reg file. Press yes and ok.

3. Now  restart your computer. After restart everything should work fine and all the .exe file should open correctly


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