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4 Jul 2018

Internet Download Manager 6.31 Build 02 Final - Full (Crack, Serial, Patch)

If you are using IDM and its showing fake serial number then you are in right place. This patch will never show Fake serial number popup. so lets begin. 

Install Notes

1.    => Uninstall IDM via Control Panel (While Uninstalling.. Select "FULL") & Uninstall It
=> Restart System

2. Go to

32bit-> C:\Program Files
64bit-> C:\Program Files (x86)

and delete Internet Download Manager Folder.

3. Now go to>


& Delete IDM (Internet Download Manager) folder

4.  Open Run Command (Windows Button + R) 

Type in "Regedit" without (")

=> Expand Both of the following keys:



& Delete the "Internet Download Manager" folder *If u see any

That's It.

Now you'r Ready to Install New Version of IDM. :) [Whenever its come!]

5. Go to my IDM rar archive and extract content from it. You may need WinRAR/7z or any other similar decompressing software to open the file you downloaded.

==> Disconnect the Internet
==> Install the Program
==> Don't Launch/Run the Application [Exit from System Tray]

==> Copy "IDMan.exe" from Crack folder
==> Paste/Overwrite/Replace Copied file Into Following Software Default Install Directory:

- For 32-bit Systems => C:\Program Files\Internet Download Manager
- For 64-bit Systems => C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Download Manager

==> Double Click on "Register.reg" & Click Ok/Yes to Active your license
==> Enjoy ...

14. Now run Internet Download Manager from Start Manu>All program.

Congratulation You are done. Enjoy. 

N:B- Never update IDM coz update will damage your registration

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16 Aug 2017

ExpertOption best binary option broker

ExpertOption is a new binary options broker that is quickly gaining fame and claims to be one of the best options in the market at the moment. It is regulated by the Russian FMRRC. Its license number is TSRF RU 0395 AA Vv0084.

We conducted a detailed investigation and were very pleased with the results. It seems to be a good choice even for the newbies, and especially those who have little savings to invest in binary options trading. Read on for more details.

The ExpertOption broker offers a variety of lucrative features to its clients. However, these features vary depending on the type of trading account that a client chooses to open.

Trading Platform Example

Open free account in expertoption from here:

9 Aug 2017

IQ Option best binary trading platform

IQ Option is one of the best and most famous binary options brokers in the world, since, at this moment, they have approximately 14 million satisfied clients all around the world. The main reason for the company’s success is the fact that they have extremely low financial requirements and offer the latest technological solutions to their traders. 
Try it for yourself! Demo account included: General Risk Warning: The financial services provided by this website carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose Disclaimer : All of my binary options videos are intended as samples what can be done. However, please keep in mind that movements and behaviors of any financial charts are completely different every moment to moment and never be the same. Therefore whatever you trade is at your own risk especially trading the real money and as I recommended, please practice months and months using free demo account first and/or depositing and trading very small amount first until you familiarize yourself with all different kind of chart movements and how to deal with each of them. And I am NOT OFFICIAL IQ Option.

27 Apr 2015

Internet Download Manager 6.23 Build 11 Final - Full (Crack, Serial, Patch)

If you are using IDM and its showing fake serial number then you are in right place. This patch will never show Fake serial number popup. so lets begin. 

Install Notes

1. First download IDM from below link and Uninstall any previous version of IDM.

2. Restart your PC 

3. Go to my IDM rar archive and extract content from it. You may need WinRAR/7z or any other similar decompressing software to open the file you downloaded.

4. Go to Patch and Crack folder and click "Unregister.reg" key file.

5. Now install IDM with the setup file.

6. During install you will get many pop up window - just close all the window

7. Now exit IDM from the icon tray from bottom right corner of the desktop simply by right clicking on it if it is there otherwise proceed to next step.


8. Now determine your operating system architecture weather it is 32 bit or 64 bit. 

To Know the architecture go to run Press [Windows key+R


Type CMD and press Enter. A black window will open. Type the following and press enter


If it shows x86 then your PC is 32 bit or if it shows x64 then your pc is 64 bit.

12. Now again go to Patch and crack folder and copy the -"IDM_Crack" file and paste it in - C:\Program Files\Internet Download Manager (for 64 bit) or C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Download Manager (for 32 bit).

13. Now run the IDM Crack and press patch button.

14. It will show Patching done Successfully. After that close the patch window.

14. Now run Internet Download Manager from Start Manu>All program.

Congratulation You are done. Enjoy. 

N:B- Never update IDM coz update will damage your registration

Note: If you get the message "Fake serial number" after installing, uninstall IDM, run "Unregister.IDM" to remove any previous serial from registry, reboot PC, install IDM again, use the crack & regfile to activate it.
!Optional! You can also try adding the following to your hosts file.
C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc  hosts - Then Right click & open with notepad
(You will need to take ownership of the hosts file and make sure you have all permissions set)
I will always be updating this release with major releases so always check back.

Enjoy! - Shamim Khan

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27 Aug 2013

How to Download Google Play Store android app in pc

In third word country the internet service is not as available and cheap as the first world country. Many people cannot download Google play Store app due to high price of mobile internet. Some of them have internet in their Desktop or Home computer but it is almost impossible to download Google Play Store app directly into their PC because their is no download link given in the app store. So what is the solution? Yes there is a solution for that.

Today I will discuss about how we can download Google Play Store App into our PC without any hassle. Those who does not have internet in their android Device and have internet in PC can now download almost any app from the Google App Store. There is a small software called Real APK Leecher. 


1. First Download Java JRE from Here 

2. Now Install JAVA 

3. Now download the Real APK Leecher from Here

4. Now install Real APK Leecher

5. Now you will get a screen like this

6. Now give your Gmail ID and Password in the Email and Password field. 

[N.B. - I suggest you not to use your real Gmail Id for security reason. Use any other Gmail Id which you do not use]

7. Now to get the device ID of your Android Handset Dial *#*#8255#*#* from your handset. You will get a screen like below

The Red marked digits are your device ID. Just put that ID in the Device ID field. Now start Downloading all app from Google Play directly to your PC.


  • This is a Java application, so you need at least JRE for it to run. If you encounter any problem in starting up Real APK Leecher, get the latest JRE on Oracle site.
  • Only free apps can be download, not paid.
  • Do not delete "lib" folder.

26 Aug 2013

Watch 1350+ worldwide TV Channel Live from PC

Sometime when we are at office we may miss an important program or cricket match. Some of us may live aboard and miss the TV channel of our country. Now today I will talk about a small just 3 MB software by which we can watch more then 1350+ TV channel around the world. 

TV is a reward winning (2005-2013) package for Windows® (TV Ver. 4.0 - Size 4.4 Mb). Now you'll be able to check over thousand [1300+] live worldwide TV channels on your laptopTV is a very simple to use application and anyone will notice their stations on TV.

News, Music, instructional, Sports, Art, Kids, Movies & diversion channels square measure sorted during a} very simple to search out methodalong with TV in English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Turkish & Arabic sections. [Over sixty Languages in total, from over a hundred and twenty Countries]

You may conjointly browse world TV by regions or by country name. The intuitive & user friendly interface can provide you with a pure Plug n' Play! expertise. All you have got to try and do is definitely notice your required station, click on the station's name, then sit back & relax. TV emulates the regular idiot box on your laptop, by Using the broadband web association.

TV Version four.0 (2013) options [100% Free]

    TV Version 4.0 (2013) Features [100% Free]

  • Features multi format (Windows Media®, Flash®).
  • Live on-line streaming 24x7 worldwide tv. [No TV Card/Tuner Needed]
  • You don't have to be compelled to care concerning the station's broadcasting format.
  • Will run the station's live video during a fastened screen.
  • Will switch mechanically between formats.
  • Works with any broadband web Service supplier (ISP) worldwide.
  • Features 1300+ of live international on-line channels, twenty four hours every day.
  • With dedicated 24x7 music stations that feature video clips in: English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Russian, Turkish and additional.
  • It's sort of a free trip round the world; seeing alternative peoples' kind of living, hearing new languages and music and seeing world views and news.
  • Does not have an inside (offline) channel guide, it receives it on-linewhich implies contemporary new channels square measure additional dynamically as before long as they become accessible and inactive channels square measure removed.

18 Aug 2013

Free Internet Download Manager Alternative-Eagleget

Many of us use Internet Download Manager to download videos, Songs or any type of file from the internet. It is one of the widely used and famous download manager in today's world. But the problem is Internet Download manager is not free. Many of us does not bother to buy software. We use free version or trial software. But trial period is limited..Today I will introduce you with a software which is the best alternative to Internet Download Manager and it is absolutely free. The software I am talking about is EagleGet

EagleGet has a very nice UI which is modern and best matches with windows 8 Metro UI. Its not like other software's boring UI. One of the best feature you will notice that EagleGet will automatically organize its downloaded file into categorized folder like Documents, Software, Media, Compressed etc.

When a file added for download in EagleGet, progress bar will be visible. The download can be pause, stop and delete from EagleGet. The downloaded file can be open from EagleGet by hovering over the item. 

Like Internet Download Manager EagleGet will integrate with the browser at the time of install and it will give option to download video file while watching videos online. 

The download request can be added both manually and automatically. To add download request manually just copy the file URL and paste the URL by hitting the add download button in the software and specify the location where to save the file, also we can specify the category and output name of the file.

Like other Download Manager EagleGet will install browser extension at the time of install. it will show in the context menu. So when anyone want to download something directly from the webpage just right click on the file then select download with EagleGet from the context menu. 

EagleGet will show notification on the top of the task bar corner of the desktop when it will finish download any file. After all it is one of the basic feature of any good Download Manager.

EaglesGet has a huge customization option under General, Connection, Proxy, Monitoring, Automation, Scheduler, Notification. It can be customized as our need, but most of us will find the default settings as the best settings.

After trying a lot of download manager I found EagleGet the best download manager for windows. It is very light weight, good user interface, works on Windows XP, Vista, 7, & 8, integrate will all popular browser like Firefox, Chrome, Opera, IE. So no more search for download manager...Try EagleGet. 

3 Aug 2013

How to Listen Online Radio from Computer

Radio is one of the biggest media. Few years back it was the only media that we have in Bangladesh specially in the year 1971. But now after introducing Television and internet this media has devaluated. But recently radio specially FM Radio is getting popular in Bangladesh. There are a huge list of FM Radio Channels out there. Majority of the people listen to this Radio channel by their mobile phone which is integrated with their phone. Another big portion of listener listen by car audio. Today I will show you how to listen to FM radio from your computer using a small but smart software.

It's a very good news for Bangladeshi people who live inside or outside the country that they could listen to FM radio from their computer with the help of internet and a small software. 

The software I am talking about is Online Bangla Radio Station.  Download the software from  HERE 

You will get a list of Radio channel. at the top right corner

Just select the channel and click play. Start listening online Bangla radio Channel.

You can also listen to any radio channel of the world if you know the stream URL of that channel. I hope you will enjoy it a lot.

You can listen the following channels which is preset in the portable software.

  1. Bangladesh Betar, 
  2. Islamic Radio Bangla, 
  3. ABC Radio FM 89.2, 
  4. Radio Foorti 88.0 FM, 
  5. Radio GoonGoon, 
  6. Radio GoonGoon HD, 
  7. Radio Kotha, 
  8. Radio HoiChoi, 
  9. BBC Bangla Radio, 
  10. Lemon 24, 
  11. Radio SMJ, 
  12. Radio Dhaka, 
  13. Radio SwaDesh, 
  14. Radio Bijoy

27 Jul 2013

How to Recover Nokia Security Code

Sometime we change the security code of our Nokia phone in hurry and forgot next time or sometime may be someone else change the security code of your phone and by accident forget the code, whatever the situation is this tutorial will explain how to recover the existing security code of your Nokia phone. You don’t really flash the phone to rest the security code back to factory default 12345. Now you can read what is the security code existing inside the phone. It is obvious that You will need the USB cable of your phone and a desktop or laptop to find out the security code of your favourite Nokia phone. Also You need Internet connection to download a small piece of software. So are you ready?? Lets Start.

1. First Download this Small but powerful software called [ANT Simple] from HERE 

2. If you have Nokia PC Suit installed make sure you close it from the taskbar icon.

3. Now Extract [ANT] Simple Zip archive and run Simple.exe in the folder.

4. After that Connect your phone via USB in your computer

5. You will see three Tab (Main, Service, Shell) on the Top. Clock the MAIN tab and then click GET button at bottom. Follow the screenshot below. Your phone IMEI number and model number will showup in the bottom panel.


6. Now Click on SERVICE Tab and click GO Button under the USER CODE section. Your Security should be displayed on the right side panel. See the Screenshot below.


That is the security code of your Nokia phone.  Is not that easy?


24 Jul 2013

JQuery not working in Blogger solution

Blogger is one of the widely used blogging platform. Many of us use blogger to create their own blog. Many user now a day creating blog in blogger and customizing their blog theme and facing problem to make JQuery work on their blog. Many beautiful JQuery gadgets does not work in their blog. They become frustrated for this and finding no other way they change their favorite theme.

Today I will discuss about how those beautiful JQuery gadget make work in the existing blogger theme. You need to install JQuery in your blog. Thats it. 

How to install JQuery in Blogger blog:   

  • Google hosted library will open like the above screen. You will see a list Java scripts in there. Click on JQuery. Do not click JQuery UI

  • A Screen like the above will open. Copy the Snippet

The Snippet will be like this

<script src="//"></script>

Now its time to install that snippet to your blogger template. To install the snippet follow the instruction below

    1. Login to blogger dashboard

    2. Go to "Template" then Backup your template

    3. Now Click on "EDIT HTML"


    4. Inside the “HTML EDITOR”, Press CTRL+F and search for </head> tag.

    5. Now copy the JQUERY Code, and paste the code just above the </head> tag

   6. Click Save. 

Thats all done. You can run any JQuery script in your template from now onward. 

Tips to make your PC last longer

The computer has become one of the most important device in today's world. We cannot thing a single day without computer to process data, playing games, making documents, watching movies. In corporate office it is impossible to run a single day without computer. So as because it is very important device we should take care of it. 

Many people asking me for the tips to keep their computer clean, tidy, safe. People buy PC by a lot of money but due to maintenance knowledge their PC become unusable or out of order within a short time. Its very unfortunate. So today I will discuss about how we should take care of our PC so that it last longer.

  • 1. Always keep your PC/Laptop in cool place:

Never work with laptop putting it on Pillow or Bed. Some people keep their laptop on pillow and work hour after hour. Laptop takes air to keep the processor cool from the bottom ventilation and passes the hot air from left or right ventilator to Keep the processor cool.

  • Always Eject External USB drive after using it:

Always eject the flash drives or external USB devices after finish using it. This does not only protect your computer operating system from malfunctioning, it also protects the computer accessory from damage.

  • Keep your computer Clean from junk files:
After using PC or laptop a while it creates a lot of junk files. If we do not clean it on a regular basis the PC get slower. There are many junk cleaner software out there. Like CCleaner

  • Make Sure you have a good working antivirus installed:
Make sure you have a good and working Anti-Virus installed installed in your PC. It will protect you for viruses. A good antivirus can make your PC run smooth faster and lasts longer. The best Anti virus in my opinion is ESET Smart Security or ESET NOD. Buy license and be protected.

  • Weekly Defragment your hard disk and check for errors:
Make sure you defragment your Hard Drive and check for Error on a weekly basis. It will not only keep your hard drive healthy but also increase the PC performance. There are a built in program in windows to defragment your hard drive. Just check in All Program>Accessories>System Tools. Also check for hard drive error and fix it as soon you found it.

  • Keep a good free space in your C Drive:
Keep a good free space in your C Drive. Don't make it full. It will keep your PC run smoothly.

  • Take care of your Battery: 
Laptop battery is the main power source. Always take care of the battery. Do the following to take care of the battery

- Don't run your laptop in full brightness.
- When available use AC power. Don't just always run laptop on battery power. Only run when emergency.
Turn of Wi-Fi & Bluetooth when you are not using them.
- Use Hibernate, not standby
- Do not connect so many external device at a time.

I will keep up to date this post in future. Keep in touch.

How to run incompatible software in windows 8

Windows 8 is no longer a new OS. Its been a while Microsoft Releases their new OS in the market. Many of us using windows 8 Operating system in our laptop and desktop. Its more and much more upgraded from windows 7 or windows XP. Those who used Windows 8 most of them become satisfied with this Flat UI Windows Operating system. Because of absent of start button many people switched back to windows 7 or many are not upgrading to windows 8. But One thing I love about windows 8 and will never make todowngrade is the speed. 

Many of us is using windows 8 and facing many new problem everyday. Like some features are not there in windows 8 or the software's that we used to use in Windows XP or Windows 7 are not running in windows 8. Oh....That is sad.....Right???? NO :)  There are solutions for these kind of incompatibility problem. 

Run Windows XP / Windows 7 Programs on Win 8

Some program which is fully compatible with Windows XP or Windows 7 may not be compatible with Windows 8. Those program should run in the following way.

  • Right-click on the program that is incompatible with windows 8 and select Troubleshoot compatibility.

  • After That on the next dialog box select Try recommended settings

  • Next Select Test the program which will make that incompatible program install in compatibility mode. Now the program will run correctly.

This tricks works perfectly in many cases. But It is not guaranteed that all incompatible program will work with this process. 

21 Jul 2013

Huawei modem unlock & Flash code request here

Here you can request unlock code for any GSM Huawei modem "not CDMA"
Just find the IMEI No. of your modem and write it via comment.
I will try to give the code as early as possible.


Fix .EXE file open with other program

Now a days the computer user increasing in a high rate around the world. Everyday people who are using computer are facing different problem which may be very simple in nature. But if you don't know the solution or how to fix the problem then it might be a big problem for you. 

Technology geeks can invariably have issues on their computers as they are the important users of the system. They will play with advanced settings and panel rather than simply messing with the music or movies and web. One in every of the foremost common however annoying problem in such a form is that the .exe files in our system doesn't open in normal way. Once you double click on .exe file to open it, it's going to cause opening other programs like winrar, notepad or it could be any program. However the particular program won't run. This could ensue to virus attacks or by accidentally re-assigning the program using "Open With" feature. 

Unfortunately, system restore feature doesn't solve this Problem. Here is a simple and quick way to fix the problem

Follow the steps Below.

1. First Download the reg file from Below

2. After you finish Download right click on it and select merge The system may ask for your permission to run the reg file. Press yes and ok.

3. Now  restart your computer. After restart everything should work fine and all the .exe file should open correctly