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18 Aug 2013

Free Internet Download Manager Alternative-Eagleget

Many of us use Internet Download Manager to download videos, Songs or any type of file from the internet. It is one of the widely used and famous download manager in today's world. But the problem is Internet Download manager is not free. Many of us does not bother to buy software. We use free version or trial software. But trial period is limited..Today I will introduce you with a software which is the best alternative to Internet Download Manager and it is absolutely free. The software I am talking about is EagleGet

EagleGet has a very nice UI which is modern and best matches with windows 8 Metro UI. Its not like other software's boring UI. One of the best feature you will notice that EagleGet will automatically organize its downloaded file into categorized folder like Documents, Software, Media, Compressed etc.

When a file added for download in EagleGet, progress bar will be visible. The download can be pause, stop and delete from EagleGet. The downloaded file can be open from EagleGet by hovering over the item. 

Like Internet Download Manager EagleGet will integrate with the browser at the time of install and it will give option to download video file while watching videos online. 

The download request can be added both manually and automatically. To add download request manually just copy the file URL and paste the URL by hitting the add download button in the software and specify the location where to save the file, also we can specify the category and output name of the file.

Like other Download Manager EagleGet will install browser extension at the time of install. it will show in the context menu. So when anyone want to download something directly from the webpage just right click on the file then select download with EagleGet from the context menu. 

EagleGet will show notification on the top of the task bar corner of the desktop when it will finish download any file. After all it is one of the basic feature of any good Download Manager.

EaglesGet has a huge customization option under General, Connection, Proxy, Monitoring, Automation, Scheduler, Notification. It can be customized as our need, but most of us will find the default settings as the best settings.

After trying a lot of download manager I found EagleGet the best download manager for windows. It is very light weight, good user interface, works on Windows XP, Vista, 7, & 8, integrate will all popular browser like Firefox, Chrome, Opera, IE. So no more search for download manager...Try EagleGet. 


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