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21 Jul 2013

How to reduce picture size to 50 KB or less

 In Bangladesh, some websites as well as Government websites won't let you to upload pictures bigger than 50KB or 90KB in size whereas filling their application forms. However pictures taken from camera or scanner is typically one hundred times bigger than this. The size around 5MB to 7MB. Additionally these massive image size can cause issues when you upload to emails, social networking websites like Facebook, Google plus etc. It will take tons of your time and effort to upload such picture.

There area many image re size programs out there to reduce size. However here is an easy image reducer that will assist you to scale back image to needed size among no time. Free Picture Resize Starter contains a hospitable interface, with a \"Make It Fit\" utility that helps you to size footage to needed size. It permits you to instantly size multiple files and additionally give a powerful image editing software.

Download Free Picture Re-size Starter (5.07 MB)


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