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24 Jul 2013

How to run incompatible software in windows 8

Windows 8 is no longer a new OS. Its been a while Microsoft Releases their new OS in the market. Many of us using windows 8 Operating system in our laptop and desktop. Its more and much more upgraded from windows 7 or windows XP. Those who used Windows 8 most of them become satisfied with this Flat UI Windows Operating system. Because of absent of start button many people switched back to windows 7 or many are not upgrading to windows 8. But One thing I love about windows 8 and will never make todowngrade is the speed. 

Many of us is using windows 8 and facing many new problem everyday. Like some features are not there in windows 8 or the software's that we used to use in Windows XP or Windows 7 are not running in windows 8. Oh....That is sad.....Right???? NO :)  There are solutions for these kind of incompatibility problem. 

Run Windows XP / Windows 7 Programs on Win 8

Some program which is fully compatible with Windows XP or Windows 7 may not be compatible with Windows 8. Those program should run in the following way.

  • Right-click on the program that is incompatible with windows 8 and select Troubleshoot compatibility.

  • After That on the next dialog box select Try recommended settings

  • Next Select Test the program which will make that incompatible program install in compatibility mode. Now the program will run correctly.

This tricks works perfectly in many cases. But It is not guaranteed that all incompatible program will work with this process. 


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