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24 Jul 2013

Tips to make your PC last longer

The computer has become one of the most important device in today's world. We cannot thing a single day without computer to process data, playing games, making documents, watching movies. In corporate office it is impossible to run a single day without computer. So as because it is very important device we should take care of it. 

Many people asking me for the tips to keep their computer clean, tidy, safe. People buy PC by a lot of money but due to maintenance knowledge their PC become unusable or out of order within a short time. Its very unfortunate. So today I will discuss about how we should take care of our PC so that it last longer.

  • 1. Always keep your PC/Laptop in cool place:

Never work with laptop putting it on Pillow or Bed. Some people keep their laptop on pillow and work hour after hour. Laptop takes air to keep the processor cool from the bottom ventilation and passes the hot air from left or right ventilator to Keep the processor cool.

  • Always Eject External USB drive after using it:

Always eject the flash drives or external USB devices after finish using it. This does not only protect your computer operating system from malfunctioning, it also protects the computer accessory from damage.

  • Keep your computer Clean from junk files:
After using PC or laptop a while it creates a lot of junk files. If we do not clean it on a regular basis the PC get slower. There are many junk cleaner software out there. Like CCleaner

  • Make Sure you have a good working antivirus installed:
Make sure you have a good and working Anti-Virus installed installed in your PC. It will protect you for viruses. A good antivirus can make your PC run smooth faster and lasts longer. The best Anti virus in my opinion is ESET Smart Security or ESET NOD. Buy license and be protected.

  • Weekly Defragment your hard disk and check for errors:
Make sure you defragment your Hard Drive and check for Error on a weekly basis. It will not only keep your hard drive healthy but also increase the PC performance. There are a built in program in windows to defragment your hard drive. Just check in All Program>Accessories>System Tools. Also check for hard drive error and fix it as soon you found it.

  • Keep a good free space in your C Drive:
Keep a good free space in your C Drive. Don't make it full. It will keep your PC run smoothly.

  • Take care of your Battery: 
Laptop battery is the main power source. Always take care of the battery. Do the following to take care of the battery

- Don't run your laptop in full brightness.
- When available use AC power. Don't just always run laptop on battery power. Only run when emergency.
Turn of Wi-Fi & Bluetooth when you are not using them.
- Use Hibernate, not standby
- Do not connect so many external device at a time.

I will keep up to date this post in future. Keep in touch.


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